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Disconnected from your power?

Desire to embody you highest potential?

Goddess in Recovery unlocks the gifts already within you.
Receive the attention and support to create profound shifts. 
Old trauma, patterns, and limiting beliefs fade revealing your
deepest desires and power to create it!
An original 13-step paradigm
  • Meridian Tapping
  • Goddess Work
  • Recovery
Invest in your Divinity:
"Julia is a fabulous healer!  She creates a safe space and will guide you to make a shift."
Donna Perrone, Owner of Gravity East Village
Customized individual sessions through in person or via Skype.
13 Steps   (14 Sessions)​ 
No refunds.  All sales final.
Call Julia at 808-319-9429

Working with Julia will change your life!  She is able to move subconscious patterns and old beliefs quickly and is one of the most powerful healers I have worked with.” - Dr. Erika Kalkan, PT, DPT, OC

Regular EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques aka Meridian Tapping) Session Available.  Contact us to schedule.
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